The BIG reveal: What makes her Sunday roast so different? / by Kevin Kroese



What makes her Sunday roast so different?


Sundays are commonly known as an easy, laid back day. Preparing a full-on Sunday roast in the early hours of the morning can be discouraging for some, but for those who have a little trick up their sleeve, they can sleep in and take the family out for a traditional Sunday roast.

However, lovers of a hearty meal know they can’t just go anywhere when it comes to “tradition”, especially if you’re heading to a restaurant. What every diner wants to experience on a Sunday is mouth-watering, seasonal vegetables and succulent meats reminiscent of a grandmother’s love –commonly known as a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal.

The Benguela Brasserie’s  Kelly-Anne Pietersen is no stranger to traditionally prepared food. But with this chef there is something different, she adds elements of a French inspired menu to all her dishes.


And most importantly, she uses fresh, local produce from the Wild Oats Market in Sedgefield. The produce is readily available every Saturday, just in time for preparation for her Sunday roast.

The market sells free-range meats, chicken, lamb, dairy and cheese, as well as fresh-from-the-field vegetables. Any chef would vouch that fresh is best when it comes to creating wholesome food. Her Sunday roast encompasses a three course meal. The mains include a choice of lamb pie, juicy roasted beef sirloin or steamy oven roasted pork belly, which are all accompanied by freshly grilled veg.


A well prepared Sunday roast is close to our hearts for the mere reason that it reminds us of family, laughter and pleasant moments around the table. In ancient times a meal was known to forge relationships, bury anger and create lasting memories. Chef Kelly-Anne aims to do just that. Her dishes are made with love and then superbly served with grace and perfection.  

Visit: 3 Lakeside drive, Swartvlei, Sedgefield