MEET THE CHEF / by Kevin Kroese



Jean Delport

Amongst the bustling city traffic, Benguela on Main is a luxury getaway for a classic fine wine and dining experience.  With a stylish elegance, a luxurious atmosphere and exceptional cuisine, Chef Jean Delport is taking Benguela on Main on a culinary crusade.  

Delve a little deeper and we get to know the innovator behind the delectable dishes.  His love for fine food is reflected in the presentation and remarkable flavours. What originally started as a massive interest for food is fast becoming an obsession - distinctively mirrored in his mouth-watering menus.

If Jean isn’t in the kitchen whisking up a storm, you can find him exploring the vast outdoors - his second home away from work - or catching the latest sport news to fuel his sports fanaticism.  

As with anyone who has a passion for what they do, Jean already knew at the young age of 15 that becoming a chef is what he wanted to do.  Helping out wherever he could and often taking over dinners from his mom.  

With a world of ingredients at his fingertips, butter is always at the top of the list.  Visit the fine dining restaurant and you will find hints of his latest favourites - onions and Jerusalem artichokes - each with an inventive twist.

Striving for perfection, Chef Jean and the Benguela on Main team are revolutionising the fine dining experience.  For an indulgent gourmet experience, visit Benguela on Main and go on a culinary crusade.