Benguela Cove Restaurant



Just off the R43 and beyond the streaming row of vineyards is a quaint tasting room situated on the luxury wine farm, Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. Wine lovers from all over the world flock to this little Walker Bay gem to not only experience wine tastings, but also the soft bed of grass under their feet while relaxing under a shady umbrella and feeling the cool caress of the ocean breeze against their skin.

A breathtaking sunset view over the Bot River Lagoon can intrigue the mind while holding up a red glass of wine and ever so gently tilting it for the sunlight to reflect its vigour. A moment of intrigue is exactly what Tasting Room manager, Emy Matthews wants guests to feel. Her belief is wine drinking should be an experience of the senses, not just a sip from a glass.  Which is why a sweet and savoury touch is added to this luxury wine tasting experience. Guests are spoiled for choice with cheese, chocolate or millionaires wine pairing. Each option is then skillfully paired with the estate’s award-winning wine collection.


Hidden among the vineyards, the Benguela Cove Restaurant has a gem of its own - Chef Annie Badenhorst.  Her succulent and appetizing menus are the heart of fine dining in the Walker Bay region.  Take a step back in time and we find where her journey began.  Living and growing up on a farm outside the very beautiful Otjiwarongo in Namibia, Annie’s love and appreciation for food started at a young age.

An invaluable life lesson that Annie carries with her everyday is one taught to her by her dad. Learning how to work an animal through - not to waste a single part - plays a big part in her menu preparations today.

Her passion for finely cooked food saw her leave the borders of Namibia and enter into the opportunity filled South Africa.  Pursuing her hunger for fine cuisine, she obtained a Practical Cookery & Patisserie Diploma at the well known Zevenwacht Chef School.